Sunday, 22 November 2009

Scribe Update III

Scribe Gold: 21.3K
Scribe IotS: 11.8K
Scribe SFI: 5.5K
Glyph Stock: 29.5K

Thats 68.1K of which 30% is now pure lovely gold. Yummy. Also have a bank tab of Saronite Bars and a bank tab of Borean Leather waiting for 3.3 and 25 Book of Glyph Mastery. I still have to use some of them though. I will buy up anything under 30g for a book, 6g for leather and 15g for a stack of Saronite Ore and 25g for a stack of Saronite Bars.

The downloader has started. Does that mean we have 3 days till 3.3? 10 Days till 3.3. 17 Days max I reckon. So much for other bloggers estimates of 6-8 weeks. Get buying those cheap mats now!!

1 comment:

Sarainy said...

The updater does not mean the patch is any time soon - it just means they have finished with a load of creating models etc.

Balancing can take a long time, and just because everything is ready does not mean they will instantly launch.

Launching just before Christmas may not be the best idea for people.

Still, we will see :)