Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday Goblin Update

So. The Crash and Burn cycle is in full swing. No hate mail yet though.

I had a look into how many glyphs I still don't know. It's about 80. 50/50 books and learning.

So I bought 10 books up, ranging in price from 20-50gold. Never more than 50 gold.

I also kicked off my 3rd seller. He has shaman and paladin glyphs. Will also have the druid glyphs soon. Will call him my Hybrid Seller.

Also I tried to send my Scribe some cash. It wouldn't allow it. I logged out and WHOAH!!! his name has changed. I tried to log on and it said he was flagged for a name change. OOOPS!!!

I am aware that I am going to break my paranioa clause here. I have hidden every single piece of information that could lead you to my server and indeed my actual name. But I am now going to give away the first ever clue as to who I am.

I reside on an RP server. My scribes name (and indeed a lot of my alts) do not have very RP names. Someone complained obviously. My scribe has a new name!!

So to the state of the bank...

NormalBanker: 12,362g
Melee GS: 2160 glyphs ~ 5K-10K
Hybrid GS: 1000 glyphs ~ 2K-5K
Caster GS: 2000 glyphs ~ 5K-10K
Scribe: 3.5Kg SFI 500g IOTS 12,960g CASH

So the scribe has officaly overtaken the normal banker in the cash stakes.

If we use the upper end of stock values we are looking at 2:1 assets to cash. Looking better.

Report coming soon on how many more glyphs I need to learn.

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