Friday, 6 November 2009

Crash and Burn

The great glyph market crash of 2009 seems to be going well. Most glyphs are down into the 2-3g region now. I get a lot of fallbacks going to 3g now and I have had my first gevlonesque question.

Comp: Hi m8
Me: Hello? You better not say gold or power-level in your next /w
Comp: why you sellin glyphs for 3g when they go for 17g
Me: Ah. Not a scumbag gold seller then. Good :)
Comp: no lol
Me: In answer to your question - to sell them?
Comp: Hmmm ... Okay.

OK, so it's not the converstion I wanted to have so that I could SS and send to Gevlon, but I am sure that will come.

I don't have every single glyph yet, but I must have realy pissed some people off by now. Especially when I caught a farmer selling up icebloom and lichbloom for under 15g per. I blew 3K gold on that alone!! I am well stocked. Did I mention I bought a guild with 5 bank tabs for 700G?


So, no screenies for Gevvy Baby yet, but a huge increase in glyph sales and about a 30-50% increase in turnover. Profit? Near non-existant obviously.

All's fun in Glyphs and War :)


Ardent Defender said...

That's a steal price for a Guild Bank. I don't spend enough time in a city to catch a deal. However quite often flyby nigh guilds fall apart and someone selling theirs. I'm waiting to pick up a good deal when i catch one.

On my server as for glyphs there are several 24/7 AH campers that camp and undercut 24/7. 5 mins after you post someone already undercut what you just posted 5 mins ago. Its bad!

HolyWarrior said...

Yeah, great deal. And as for the campers; i briefly thought it was a good idea and did it myself, but hell, TIME IS MONEY FRIEND. So I crash the market and check back every once in a while. Take 2 mail box resets to collect my sales, repost and log out again. Nice and Easy :)