Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Deep Undercut AND Camp?

My server is a high pop server. There is a lot of Glyph competition. To drive them out I am having to combine Gevlon's heavy undercutting (and more) with some camping.

I have been cancelling and relisting 3 or more times a day with a 99s 99c undercut. I may have to bring my fallback down to around break-even + 1 gold.

Lets seen how the competition likes that!!

How low can I go? Well I have a semi regular buyer for Snowfall Ink at 12g a pop and I'll buy my herbs at 9g/stack for low levels and 18g/stack for high levels.

So as a minimum I can offset 6g (half a snowfall) from 9g leaving 3g for 10 pigments. Or 3g for 5 Ink of the Sea. That's 60s per Ink plus 40s per parchment.

1g for a single ink glyph and 1g60s for a double ink glyph.

Throw in a 5% AH cut I -could- go as low as 1g05s and 1g76s to drive the competition out. I may try 1g50s and 2g to start with. Just to see how much hate mail I can generate!!!

OK. I have set thresholds to 1.5 and 2 gold. With a fallback of 4g. Let the fun begin. Hate mail will be delivered to Gevlon :)

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