Thursday, 19 November 2009

Loremaster of Kalimdor and other Loremaster Crap

Phew, that was tiring. HolyWarrior had over 200 quests to do to get that done. So did EB. They finished up in Desolace and also got a load of Mara quests. Into Mara they went, they conquered and then went to hand in.

HW hit loremaster, unfortunately EB had done Desolace more extensivley while levelling so Mara did not give him enough quests. EB has to fo Syphillus... YAWN.

HW only has 3/4 of Netherstorm to do for Outland. EB has only 4 Outlands quest achievements done. Not even Hellfire!!

Mind you I don't think HW has the Poo quests done in Hellfire so they may do them together. EB only needs 4 Hellfire quests done. Time to go rumaging through shit :P

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