Thursday, 5 November 2009

Crashing the Glyph Market

So I went for it last night. Obviously it started slow as I just changed my parameters and went through the usual cancel/post cycle that Gevlon loves so much with QA2.

SO anyway, it took a couple of extra scans this morning to kick into overdrive and really drive the market down.

Why do I want to crash the market?

a) To get hate-mail to send Gevlon
b) To drive away the mmo-chumptards
c) Make a name for myself as an arsehole :P

So What Did I Do?
Well, I lowered my threshold single-ink glyph price to 1g48s and my double-ink glyph price to 1g98 and I put a threshold on of 3g.

Result? Well, I have had shed loads more sales than usual. Albeit at much smaller profit. And someone is actually trying to buyout all my sales. I logged on 30 mins ago to check my sales and every single glyph that had sold in the last hour on both sellers was to the same buyer!!

Guess he wants to reset the market! Well, tough shit, I just reposted. And I may have to raise my quantity up from 3 to disuade these types of chaps.

Profitless Strategy? Nope I have made twice today what I normally make :)


Sarainy said...

While you might have made twice as much as normal, you will more than likely have made it take more than twice as much time to recraft your stocks.

As such this is a good way to trade more time for more gold, but it isn't going to increase your gold/hour.

Definitely worth doing to get hate mail though! Haha

HolyWarrior said...

Well the good thing is my restock and milling time is free time. I restock whilst working from home and I wuold not normally be on WoW anyway.

Log on. Spend 5 mins sorting out bags for massive 2 hours semi-auto milling session. Mill shit loads of herbs while working. At zero effective played time. Really. I can actually work and mill at the same time!

After lunch. Spend 5 minutes buying inks and parchments and KTQ'in it :P then set the glyphing factory in motion, just randomly reaching over every couple of minutes and hitting the key with the skilletpushbutton macro on it.

Easy. 10 minutes real play time for 1000 inks milled and 500-1000 glyphs made!!