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Midsummer Festival Achievement Guide

So, your off to get the Flame Warden title?

Update: I had 4 times as many hits to this blog as usual and all the hits are coming to this page, so I'm going to make a quick update to tidy up the post.

Random Ravings.
And while I'm doing it I'll acknowledge Random Ravings as the source of most of the information I couln't be bothered to collate. I heard about the mess up from him and refound his post from last year which was useful then and indeed still is.

Did It Last Year?
The Good News is if you've done the festival before you are in luck, most of the achievements have been remembered from last year!

I only need to do the "Burning Hot Pole Dance" and the "Torch Juggler" achievements, and what's more? I already have all the "Midsummer Reveller" gear from last year.

The Bad News is that you currently cannot re-do the honouring, desecrating and stealing fires if you did it last year. Blizztards are aware of the issue and have even put it in the Breaking News section when you login to the game. They say a fix is in progress. Hmmph.

What this means is that if you don't have the gear saved from last year, or you blew your blossoms on the Dancing Flame Bird and the pet, then you can't possibly get enough blossoms to get all the gear you need. Oops!

I originally thought they were waiting for the Tuesday reset (There I go again, you can tell I'm from vanilla WoW, note to self: It's maintenance, they haven't had a reset since TBC started!), but I can't see it as a client issue, it must be a server issue, and it can't be that difficult to fix, so hot fix it Blizztards and let's get on with it. Grrr!


Midsummer Redux.
You may want to check out my posts from last year also:
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New to the Festival?
(Skip down if you don't want to see the extensive list of fire locations)

Here's what to do...

If your are horde then this route should just about make sense to you, obviously you won't be desecrating horde fires but honouring them. You don't want to honour the Alliance fires but desecrate them /spit and you don't want to be stealing your own flames, that would just be stupid!

Kill Three Birds With One Stone.
The three most time consuming achievements can all be done together, kind of. They involve travelling all around Azeroth and Outland. You don't need the fires in Northrend, yet.

The Fires of Azeroth - this is made up of the 3 honouring achievements (Honour the Flames of Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland) - lots of travelling (see below).

Desecration of the Horde - this is made up of the 3 desecration achievements (Desecrate the Flames of Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland) - lots of travelling (see below).

King of the Fire Festival - Steal the flames from Orgrimmar, ThunderBluff and Undercity (or Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind if you're Hordie!).

(Warning, I need to check the order of a couple of the flame descrates/honours but we're just about there!!)

So get moving, the best route to take is...

Port to Darnassus
Honour Teldrassil (Rutheran Villlage)
(Horde: Steal Darnassus Flame)
Honour Darkshore (Just by Auberdine FP)
Honour Azuremyst Isle (West of Azure Watch)
Honour Bloodmyst Isle (South of Blood Watch)
Honour Winterspring (Everlook by A FP)
Desecrate Winterspring (Everlook by H FP)
Honour Ashenvale (South of Astranaar)
Desecrate Ashenvale (Splintertree Post)
Desecrate Durotar (South of Razor Hill)
Steal the Flame of Orgrimmar (Valley of Wisdom)
Desecrate The Barrens (North of Crossroads)
Desecrate Mulgore (South East of Bloodhoof Village)
Steal the Flame of Thunder Bluff (Spirit Rise)
Desecrate Stonetalon Mountains (Entrance to Sun Rock Retreat)
Honour Desolace (South of Nijel's Point)
Desecrate Desolace (South of Shadowprey Village)
Honour Feralas (West of Fethermoon Stronghold)
Desecrate Feralas (West of Camp Mojache)
Desecrate Thousand Needles (Near Back Entrance 42,53)
Honour Tanaris (Just outside Gadgetzan)
Desecrate Tanaris (Just outside Gadgetzan)
Honour Silithus (East of Cenrion Hold)
Desecrate Silithus (South West of Cenarion Hold)
Desecrate Dustwallow Marsh (West of Brackenwall Village 33,31)
Honour Dustwallow Marsh (North of Theramore)
Boat to Menethil

Eastern Kingdom
Honour Wetlands (North of Menethil)
Honour Arathi Highlands (North East of Refuge Pointe)
DesecrateArathi Highlands (South of Hammerfall)
Honour The Hinterlands (South of Aerie Peak)
Desecrate The Hinterlands (North of Revantusk Village)
Honour Hillsbrad Foothills (North of Southshore)
Desecrate Hillsbrad Foothills (South West of Tarren Mill)
Desecrate Silverpine Forest (East of The Sepulcher)
Desecrate Tirisfal Glades (West of Brill)
Steal the Undercity Flame (just inside)
Honour Western Plaguelands (Chillwind Camp)
Desecrate Ghostlands (North of Tranquillien)
Desecrate Eversong Woods (South of Ruins of Silvermoon - 46,50)
Hearthstone and Portal to Ironforge
Honour Dun Morogh (North of Kharanos)
(Horde: Steal Ironforge Flame)
Honour Loch Modan (North of Thelsamaar)
Desecrate Badlands (West of Kargath)
Honour Burning Steppes (North West of Morgan's Vigil)
Desecrate Burning Steppes (South West of Flame Crest)
Honour Redridge Mountains (West of Lakeshire Flight Path)
Honour Duskwood (West of Darkshire)
Honour Blasted Lands (West of Nethergarde Keep)
Desecrate Swamp of Sorrows (North of Stonard)
Honour Elwynn Forest (North East of Goldshire)
(Horde: Steal Stormwind Flame)
Honour Westfall (Sentinel Hill Flight Path)
DesecrateStranglethorn Vale (On beach East of Booty Bay)
Honour Stranglethorn Vale(On beach East of Booty Bay)
Hearthstone and portal to Shattrath

Honour Nagrand - West of Telaar(49.6,69.4)
Desecrate Nagrand - West of Garadar(51.1,33.9)
Desecrate Zangermarsh - East of Zabra'Jin(37,53) ish
Honour Blade's Edge Mountains - East of Sylvanaar(41.6,65.9)
Desecrate Blade's Edge Mountains - South of Thunderlord Stronghold(50.1,59.0)
Desecrate Netherstorm - South of Area 52(32.3,68.4)
Honour Netherstorm - North West of Area 52(31.2,62.6)
Honour Zangermarsh - South of Telredor(68.8,51.9)
Honour Hellfire Peninsula - East of Honour Hold(62.3,58.3)
Desecrate Hellfire Peninsula - South East of Thrallmar (57.2,41.9)
Desecrate Terokkar Forest - East of Stonebreaker Hold(51.9,43.1)
Honour Terokkar Forest - East of Allerian Stronghold(54.1,55.4)
Honour Shadowmoon Valley - Wildhammer Stronghold (39.7,54.2)
Desecrate Shadowmoon Valley - East of Shadowmoon Village(33.5,30.2)
Kill Ahune in The Slave Pens

Now you have finished your travelling go to Ironforge and get...

Mantle of the Fire Festival
Vestment of Summer
Sandals of Summer

... for a total of 400 Burning Blossom, you should have about 360 just from the honour and desecrate quests, then 75 in total for the 3 capitals and 20 for Ahune, so 455 before you even need to touch the dailies.

Now go click a pole and /dance ... wait 60 seconds and get your pole dancing achievement.

Dalaran Torch Juggling
Just one more achievement to go, you have to juggle 40 torches in 15 seconds :P

10 blossoms buys 10 juggling torches. YES, you only need TEN blossoms. You only need to catch 40, not actually possess forty.

Head to Dalaran. Turn all addons off, turn resolutions and effects right down, find a quiet spot in Dalaran and hopefully your L.A.G. should be sufficient to juggle just 10 torches...

The idea is that you throw 10 torches, by the time you throw the tenth torch the first one has landed and is back in your inventory so you can use it again.

Basically put the torches on a hot key and target the ground right underneath you and spam the hotkey then your left mouse button over and over again as fast as you can. Shouldn't take to long to get the achi... HW did it on the third attempt ... 37 ... 38 ... 40 .. BANG!! HotPants did it on the first!

Beer Gardens Are Not Just For Boozing.
I did it at the back of the Beer Garden, no-one was there, no stupid amounts of terrain detail and activity.

Flame Warden!
Grats on your new title, you are also 1 step closer to that Violet Proto Drake. I still have to do the Brewmaster AND Hallowed :(

Still Want to do Some Midsummer Crap?
Pop along and do the Northrend Fires, you never know, Blizzard might stick something in next year that could be helped by doing it now! Who Knows?

Besides, if you need blossoms for the gear for the Pole Dancing achievement and don't trust that BlizzTard inc. will fix it then these might just get you enough...

Dragonblight H: Agmar's Hammer 39,48
Dragonblight A: Wintergarde Keep 75,44
Borean Tundra H: Bor'gorok Outpost 51,12
Borean Tundra A: Fizzcrank Airstrip 55,20
Sholazar Basin H: River's Heart 47,62
Sholazar Basin A: River's Heart 48,66
Storm Peaks H: K3 40,86
Storm Peaks A: K3 42,87
Zul'Drak H: Argent Stand 43,71
Zul'Drak A: Argent Stand 41,61
Grizzly Hills H: Conquest Hold 19,62
Grizzly Hills A: Amberpine Lodge 34,61
Howling Fjord H: Camp Winterhoof 48,13
Howling Fjord A: Fort Wildervar 58,16
Crystalsong Forest H: Sunreaver's Command 80,53
Crystalsong Forest A: Windrunner's Overlook 78,75

I ripped these off Random Ravings again, so be kind and go read his post, it's much better written than mine!


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