Friday, 12 June 2009

HW's Progress

OK, so as reported on Sunday, HW finished doing the Argent Tournament as he had reached Champion of the Alliance, Exalted Champion even!!

Just not Argent Exalted Champion yet.

Anyway, rambling along, he hasn't really stopped. He missed a couple of days as he needed a rest, but he is still doing the champion quests for seals, gold and Argent Crusade rep.

Whilst he was doing all the Argent quests he was also doing the cooking, fishing and 3 Wrymrest Accord dailies.

Well, on Tuesday he finally hit exalted with the Accord, so that's 3 less dailies he needs to do. He may still pop down to the temple as he is soooooo close to getting the "Defending the Temple" in 2 minutes achievement. A couple of times the timer must have ticked to 0 as he clicked "Complete Quest". That really pisses me off, because you've handed it in then, so you can't abandon and try again :(

So, no more travelling all over for the Accord dailies. He is fast approaching Exalted with Kirin Tor as well. There are only 2 dailies that I know about (apart from dungeons) and that is cooking and fishing, so I have been doing them religiously and there is less than 2K to go now.

If I get bored waiting tomorrow then I'm gonna equip the Tabard and go do the daily heroic.


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