Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Best Profession For Holy Paladin

Update: See end of post for the conclusion...

I have decided that I want to get back into raiding, having been to Naxx-25 enough times and only a couple of bits of i-level 213 stuff left to pick up I feel it is pointless going back in there.

So, my sights are set on getting into an Ulduar 25 guild. To do that I really think I ought to be looking at min-maxing.

The trouble is HolyWarrior is currently sitting on maxed out mining and skinning. Which is OK for stamina and crit rating - lol, but perhaps I should have proper crafting professions.

Now I was thinking Inscribing and Blacksmithing. Inscription for a shoulder enchant that is better than sons of Hodir and blacksmithing for the extra sockets.

Does that sound right people? Or should I go for enchanting my rings or gemming with super-gems?

So the question: What are the best professions to min-max a holy paladin?

Apparently Inscription is Meh! So I will probably make my DK a scribe to make money.

Enchanting is also good, and the ring enchants are getting boosted in 3.2

Alchemy is also good for the extended duration and effect flasks and elixirs.

But firstly, it looks like hands down Blacksmithing for the 2 extra sockets (gloves and bracers) and of course the eternal belt buckle thing.

With patch 3.2 they will be adjusting professions so that epic gems in these sockets are not overpowered, but they won't be changing blacksmithing. It will simply be as good as the other professions :P

Although it pains me (as HotPants is 1 point off max Jewelcrafting) it looks like the second new profession for HolyWarrior will be Jewelcrafting. JC only gems in them thar extra sockets? Yum!!

HolyWarrior better get a final few rounds of mining in before dumping those professions. HotPants is a miner (as well as the warrior) and she is going to be next to 80 so I will be able to farm Titanium on her soon. And there is definitely no point having 3 miners!!

So the answer to my question, The Best Professions For a Holy Paladin ... Jewelcraftingand Blacksmithing.

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Archie said...

Best combo would probably be either BS/JC but with the changes to prismatic gems BS/Ench wouldn't be bad for the ring enchants still the 27int gems are not shabby if you don't mind about socket bonuses