Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bags 0 - Gems 1

So EvilBastard's bag business is not looking so hot. Rather than waster time on that I took another look at HotPants' jewelcrafting.

She was sat at around 360, so I sent her 600 gold from the banker and sent her to the Auction House, then the trainer, back to the auction house, then the trainer etc etc etc.

She is now sat at around 437 and the latest orange recipe she has, apart from metas is the Icy Prism.

Now this is quite expensive on my server (I don't know if it's higher or lower than other servers) at 60-70 gold for the frozen orb and a gold or 2 for each of the other 9 mats. 3 Dark Jades, 3 Chalcedony and 3 Shadow Crystals I think. Making it about 90 gold per hit.

You can only make one a day, but you generally get 2-3 blue quality gems out of them and apparently a small chance of an epic gem.

Each time HotPants has done it she has got 3 blue gems, so I've crafted them and put them on the Auction House.

So for 90 gold spent she gets 1 guaranteed skill point, 3 green possibility skill points and the possibility of making most of that gold back.

Now she just has to get from level 63 to level 80 to be able to do the JC dailies and get some more recipes!!

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