Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New Pally Mount and More Argent Tournament Rewards.

I just saw over on Galoheart's Ardent Defender blog that there will be a new Paladin Mount as a reward from the Argent Tournament when 3.2 hits.

Update: Flash of Moonfire and BoK are also carrying the story, probably others too, I haven't finished my daily blog dose.

Yeah, Yeah. Wait for the QQ'ing! Deal with it, Pallies can't wield staves, what's with that eh? It's not like we're weak; we can carry huge 2-handers around whilst wearing plate armour. We can wield polearms (stick with a blade on the end anyone?), but we can't equip just the stick? Pfff!

Not only that but other rewards too. I don't know what they are, I will have to check that web-sense blocked site when I get home :P

Bloody good job if you ask me, there better be a bloody healy mace to be had, that sword with +hit on it really pissed me off, yeah it was a spellpower upgrade (and probably stamina and intellect too) but all those i-points wasted on +hit made me cry.

Luckily HolyWarrior is Exalted Champion of the Alliance and still doing the odd daily for Champion's Seals so, just like Galo, has a nice head start ... hopefully ... unless they bring in a new token grind ... which wouldn't surprise me, the bastards!

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Galoheart said...

New Heirloom Chest pieces that can be purchased with an Emblemof some sort. I can only maybe guess Emblem of Heroism? All the rest are purchasable with those or stone shards. But you get 10% XP on chest which stacks with the shoulders which also already gives 10% XP.

The upgraded Argent Squire seem cool as well. Need 150 or so champion seals. That means need to keep doing dailies for champion seals and maybe more heirlooms through argent tournament.