Monday, 8 June 2009

EvilBastard the Goblin.

No, he's a gnome, but an aspiring goblin (go go Gevlon!!).

Now Gevlon, I believe, has 2 areas: bags and glyphs. I haven't got a glyph character yet, it's very possible that HW will drop skinning and take up inscribing, but we'll see about that. EB, however, is a tailor and on Saturday I decided to do a bit of work on his trade skills.

EB is an enchanter tailor, and both of his skills were floating around 405, so I started levelling tailoring and got the frostweave bag recipe.

On my server the 60 frostweave required for bolts and the imbued bolts costs between 7 and 10 gold a stack plus the 12 Infinite dust at around 5 gold each. Which comes to 90 gold. Add in the eternium thread at 5 gold-ish for 2 gives you 95 gold per bag.

I sent 3 to HW and equipped 4 on EB and then the first 2 sold at 95 gold each. At least skill ups turned out free.

I then made a magnificent flying carpet!! Woot!!

And then made some more bags, which have now gone yellow, therefore not even guaranteeing a skill up :(

I then put three up on the AH undercutting the competition by 1 copper at 108 gold. Got undercut. Put three more up at 107 gold undercuttting that competition by 1 copper. Got undercut down to 90 gold by a succession of fuktards.

So now the market is running at a loss unless the FW cloth is less than 8g, which is if you get the lucky low priced cloth.

I will be watching this closely over the next few days, but with all the materials bought to equip HW and EB with 20 slot bags, a magnificent flying carpet for EB and a dabbling in the Azure Spellthread market, EB is down from 4+K gold to 2.5K

He will really have to start that Sons of Hodir grind for the Glacial/Glacier bag recipe if it looks like it is profitable on this server. In the mean time he's going to have to be patient and only buy the cheap materials that crop up on the auction house.

Now the spellthread, he can get the 2 fires for 6 gold and the 2 silk for 4 gold and sell the threads for 20gold. A 100% profit which is only 10 gold, but heyho!!

He has now learnt the ebon, moon and spellweave and done his first transmutation, in 3 days and counting he should be able to make some epic item from the ebonweave (specilisation ftw!)

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