Monday, 29 June 2009

Is Spell Power Good For Palaldins?

I keep getting people getting to this blog with the search term "is spell power good for pallys"

So if you have got here with that search term then this post is for you.

First off, we need to identify what kind of pally you are? There are 6 types of Paladin.

  1. Protection

  2. Holy

  3. Retribution

  4. Shockadin

  5. Loladin

  6. Sheepadin

Lets take a look at them individually.

1. The Protection Paladin.
Yes, you need spellpower and lots of it. The more spellpower you have, the more effective Divine Shield is. This stat is second only to haste which you need to cap asap so that there is no risk of your divine shield wearing off before the hearthstone gets you safely out of that pug with the idiot wannabe tank mage and safely back to Dalaran.

Stack: Haste > Spell Power > Intelect > Spirit > Spell Pen.

2. The Holy Paladin.
Woah, You wanna stack spellpower? What spaceship did you arrive on? Everyone knows that for holy paladins the effective stat points ratio of Attack Power : Spellpower is 8.13 That means that you'd need 8.13 points of spellpower to replace 1 point of Attack Power. More AP means more healing from JoL.

Stack: Attack Power = Strength > Expertise > Armour Pen > Resilience

3. The Retribution Paladin.
Spellpower is a bit MEH for Rets, it does help your JoW give you a bit more mana back, but we don't need much mana. It's only really used for autoattacks and if you are using the correct rotation of Consecration -> Divine Intervention -> Divine Favour -> JoW then you should only be getting an auto attack in for 18.2% of your total dps.

Stack: Spirit > Frost Res > Spellpower > Haste

4. The Shockadin.
No, NO NOOO!! A bit like Holy Palas the effective stats point ratio to your primary stat (strength) is appalling. Here the Strength : Spellpower ration is 11.8! 12 points of SP instead of 1 point in Strength? I don't think so. Shockadins only want strength above anything else.

Stack: Strength > Everything

5. The Loladin.
This was the most prevalent kind of paladin in vanilla WoW but died out almost to extinction in TBC but slowly made a come back until it is second only to The Shockadin in Wrath. In vanilla WoW we didn't have spellpower, but that didn't matter as most loladins were 0-0-0 talented anyway. They were extinct in TBC and I haven't been able to find any references to them so I can't really comment.

With Wrath the ONLY way to spec a loladin is 31-17-23. As for stat priorities, there aren't any. Loladins need to pick up whatever stats from whatever kind of gear they can. Cloth and Leather spell pen items are generally considered to be slightly better than the rest. Mail fire res items are sometimes prioritised and some extravagant, some may say eccentric, loladins even wear plate, although their repair bills are something to behold!

The 2 main things to keep in mind if you're a Loladin are that you look good (putting Haris Pilton to shame) and to play like a idiot!

6. The Sheepadin.
Nah just joking, there is no such thing!


Nibuca said...

I sense your sarcasm.. but you're almost too subtle with it. Srsly.. someone's going to take this as gospel.

I think you need more LOLs and WTFNoobs to make sure they -get- that you're totally yanking their crank.


mandm413 said...

This is extremely funny and I don't think you should change a thing. If any paladin out there thinks he is serious I don't want them playing a paladin.

Paladin since release, tankadin since 1.8 omw to reprioritize my gear now!!!!!!!;}

Darksaturn7 said...

XD All I saw was 'Sheepadin'. If only they existed...mage qq as pally bubbles right out of it, then beats mage to a pulp XD