Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sunwell Plateau and 3.0.2 Pally Healing

Tonight we entered Mount Hyjal at around 20:40.

After 30 minutes the 1st 2 bosses were dead. By 22:10 Archimonde was dead. All 5 MH bosses one-shotted in 1.5 hours - WooHoo!!

OK, this is post patch 3.0.2 and we have already cleared MH several times pre patch 3.0.2 but still; 1.5 hours!!!

Season 4 or Tier 6?
Only one T6 dropping boss dropped pally T6 loot and my Brutal Gladiators Handguards are better so I didn't bid.

I was throwing out massive 10K heals and getting into the swing of throwing out Holy Shocks and watching for the proc to get a quick Holy Light onto the tank.

I also had the Holy Light and Spiritual Attunement glyphs attached so was loving the splash healing numbers popping up. I ended the night on 3rd healing spot only beaten by 2 priests. I didn't really notice much from the SA glyph. I also have a Flash Heal glyph but am not sure that fits with my healing style.

Into the Sunwell
After this we went and killed some Sunwell Trash. We had our first wipes of the evening but it was great to finally see the inside of Sunwell.

We hadn't got to the first boss by raid finish time and a few of us had to go. The rest said they were going to carry on with 20 people. I am yet to find out what happened.

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