Monday, 20 October 2008

Sprite Darter and Curse of the Tides

Mark and Sven are storming through the levels.

There was one point where Mark the Hunter kept getting ahead in XP and I could not figure it out. Was there a hunter talent that gave you more XP for killing things that you are tracking? Is it still there? Mark seems to have shot ahead again :S

Switching in RaFs
Anyway, so M&S caught up with BitchSlapper my warrior, so I swapped from Mark to BitchSlapper and caught up Sven's XP and got the RaF quest hand in bonus for a lot of quests for BitchSlapper and powered her up to level 50!!

Lots of Travelling
Then I finished off STV with M&S and then took them on a little trip round the continents a few times doing various Feralas/Darnassus/Tanaris/Hinterlands quests, including the Sprite Darter and Cortelo's Riddle quests.

How to Get You Sprite Darter
I always forget when you have handed in the ring to the bird in Darnassus that you have to go back to Feralas and talk to the elfs again to get the quest to get you Sprite Darter pet, so was wondering why there was no follow up. Doh!! Just head back and they have a new quest for you! Of course after that the quest chain is pretty straight forward, just follow the steps.

Tip: Before going to see Quentin in Shimmering Flats remember to buy/make 2 x [Elixir of Fortitude].

They have now finished Hinterlands, what I could be bothered with, and are now going to go and finish off Tanaris and head down into the Crater.

Blizzard - Fix This Frigging Bug
The Curse of the Tides quest is bugged again. The part where you have to take [Catelyn's Blade] and use it on the Altar in the Vile Reef. It's been bugged for practically 2 years.

If someone starts the summons him and fails to kill Gazban, either they run off or die, then he gets bugged, he's tied to them or just simply bugged. He goes green (friendly) and there is nothing you can do except petition a GM and hope the lazy fuckers will do something.

Last time this happened to me, probably with HotPants the Shammy I managed to get a GM to reset Gazban and was able to kill him and loot the Stone successfully. I put in many many tickets asking for him to be reset but they never got back to me. Conveniently answering my petition once I had gone offline. They would answer that the devs were aware of this problem and would fix it soon.

Yeah!! 2 years and counting you useless fucks!!

I even put in the petition (nicely) that I was aware that the devs were aware of it, I knew the GMs can reset him because they have done it before for me. I would just like you to reset Gazban please Mr Nice GM!!

Nope. Even after a rolling server restart he was still bugged. The quest is grey to me now but I am going to plonk M&S on top of the altar on Tuesday night and go straight there after Wednesday maintenance and see what happens.

53 Tomorrow?
M&S are currently sat in Booty Bay. I was too tired to carry on handing in quests. They are a hair's breadth away from 52 and I have lots of quests to hand in. So just with a little travelling and quest hand-ins level 53 should be within reach.

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