Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Black Temple Zerg!!

I have already mentioned that in Sunday's raid that I missed my guild took down Bloodboil and Reliquary.

We had a further expedition planned into the Temple last night to pay Mother Shiraz a visit.

How Much Shadow Gear?
We had lots of discussion in the guild forums during the day about getting the Shadow Res gear sorted. I had collected most of the mats for the Shadesteel set a few months ago. Turns out I was still missing 6 primal shadows and a primal life, but I got all the HoDs from the guild bank so I would only be short one piece.

Unfortunately real life got in the way again and I couldn't get logged on till raid invite time. So no chance of getting my SR set crafted and I still hadn't set up any addons or spent my talent points. So a quick rush to SW and purchased the judgements and then got a summon to SMV after I remembered to grab my shadow res cloak and medallion from the bank.

And off we go.
Not many people had managed to get any shadow res gear together and all I had was my Night's End cloak (enchanted with shadow res) and my Medallion of the Karabor. The raid had already moved into Black Tenmple and I was stood at the summoning stone assigning my talent points and fixing my UI. LOL. I went 46/3/12 or something in the end.

I then got a summon up into the temple and I had no idea where we were but we were slicing through trash like a hot knife through butter!

And then Mother Shiraz was standing in front of us.

We stood around chatting about it for 15 minutes and then gave her a shot. We wiped, but she was hurt.

Then we gave it another shot and killed her!!!!!! WOOOT!!!

Shadow Res gear? Not a lot. She went down so fast it really wasn't needed!!

Shiraz Strategy.
She is a bit like Solarion. If you get teleported (with 2 other people) you need to run away from the raid and more importantly from each other. Once your all 25 yards away from anyone you lose the de-buff. Other than that, kill the bitch.

Oh My God
So after no loot for me we moved on up to the Council. I could not believe I was actually standing in front of the Council. I never thought I'd ever see this. So what if it's nerfed post patch 3.0.2!!

So in goes TiceNits and pulls. Hectic. Wipe

TiceNit's again. Dies quickly. Wipe.

Imp in first and TiceNit's pulls from the imp. Better. Wipe.

Another good pull, going well. TiceNits dies. Wipe.

Ressing up. NoobMage body pulls. Wipe.

Good pull. I die at about 50%. TiceNits stays up. 5 or 6 people dead. More people dieing. The Council are down to 10,000 HPs and get a heal. ARGGGHHHH!!! Wipe.

Res up. All goes well. AND THE COUNCIL GOES DOWN!!!!!

Another 2 new bosses down in Black Temple!!

You are not Prepared.
Well, after the loot is distributed we have to go at least have a look at Illidan. So up we go, get set and pull.

We burned him through phase 1 super quick and then all collapsed into the middle and got our asses royally handed to us only a few seconds into phase 2.

It wasn't a serious attempt as we didn't ave the fire res tanks. But we got to fight Illidan. Oh Yes. We were NOT prepared. He was right!!


Alex - aka Firelight said...

Grats on the progress mate!

Illidan is a complicated fight, but once you get the tactics down you'll get him! :)

Just make sure you have 2 Fire-res tanks and 1 Shadow res warlock for Illidans Demon form tanking.

Easy! Well in theory!! ;)

HolyWarrior said...

Cheers Alex, would be really good to finish TBC (not counting sunwell!!)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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