Wednesday, 8 October 2008

5/5 Mount Hyjal

WoooHooo Yippeee Hooray!!! I got to go on the Mount Hyjal raid last night. On Sunday they took out the first 4 bosses and had 1 try on ArchiMonkey with the usual wipe!!

Tonight we went straight to ArchiMonkey. Our best try ever had been 42% in the past. Our first try tonight and he was down to 31%!!

This was boding very well until we tried again and got a couple of 70-80% wipes in. Then we got him down below 50% again.

Then suddenly on the 5th or 6th try he was down to 30% and no-one had died.

20% and we're getting excited.

15% TeamSpeak ramps up.

11% so close...

10% IMMUNE!!! Here we go...


2 Helm of the Protectors(Warrior, Hunter,Shaman), 1 Helm of the Conquerer(Pally,Priest,Lock), Tempest of Chaos and Savior's Grasp. Plus some badgers dropped.

I bid all my DKP on the T6 Helm token but was out bid by a good 300 :(

But I did win the chest piece - Savior's Grasp for a 3rd of my DKP.

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