Thursday, 23 October 2008

Gazban and Curse of the Tides Still Bugged

Blizzard are fucking useless.

The Curse of the Tides quest can randomly getted bugged; reportedly if someone dies trying to kill Gazban.

Well, he has been bugged since last Wednesday or Thursday and I have had repeated tickets in about it. GMs never answer me when I am online and simply send me an in-game mail once I have logged off saying that devs are aware of the problem.

The rolling restart at the weekend didn't fix it and the Tuesday night maintenance did not reset him either.

Tonight a GM actually answered my ticket and said there is a fix: "kind of". He said to abandon the quest and wait for him to despawn on the island near the Vile Reef and then retake the quest.

Well I tried that and it didn't fucking work. I wasn't that hopeful, I think he was on drugs, he kept saying awesome!!

I know it's not game breaking and it's only a level 40-ish quest, but come on Blizz - it's been bugged for 2 years. Pull your frigging fingers out.

It's grey to me now and I wanted to finish the quest chain but screw it, time to abandon.

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