Friday, 17 October 2008

Patch 3.0.2

So, Wednesday was fun.

My vista machine had spectacularly failed to pre-download much at all of the patches giving me a 6-7 hour estimate for patch 2.4->3.0 to download. Then there would be another 6 hours of patch 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2

Luckliy my XP machine at my Dads had faired a lot better. The first night it had downloaded the first 968MB or whatever it was.

Getting the Patch the Cheating Way.
Over the course of the next few weeks it had downloaded most of the rest.

I booted that up and it went straight to 1.59GB out of 1.62GB in about 9 minutes.

Install that and it's time to download 3.0.1 -> 3.0.2 That went from 549MB to 561MB in super fast time.

What took the most time was transferring >2GB over the wireless network to my laptop. That took about half an hour, and then another half hour in reverse getting it on the Vista-piece-of-crap at home!!

Realms up at 13:00 my Fat Hairy BBB.
So with that all done it was time to try and logon. It was around 12:30 Server time. OK that was a bit optimistic, but 2 PvP realms were active. That didn't last long.

The posted maintenance end time of 13:00 came and went and a few realms started coming online. None of mine though :(

The 13:00 was extended to 15:00 and come 14:30 one of my realms was up. I tried to logon "Retrieving Characters"


And We're in...Kind of!
Once I finally got to the Character select screen and tried to log onto my mage it got to 100% loaded and hung there. Yawn.

Eventually I got logged on, tried to mount, and I kept getting errors. Oops, the mounts are now in your character sheet.

The mount was learnt but the icon was still in my bags :S Not only that but there were no NPCs, post boxes or anything.

"World Server Down" (again)

...and again...

...Retrieving Characters...

... 100% loaded and stuck...

.. IN!! ...

"World Server Down"

Screw this, do a bit of work and come back a little later.

All My Addons Still Work ... Not!
Late evening and all was a lot more stable. I got online with Mark the Hunter and most addons were FUBAR.

OK, rather than sort each one out individually I renamed the Addons folder and started downloading all WotLK compliant addons afresh.

All but grid, simpleminimap,doublewide,lightheaded and elephant were available although Trinity2.0 has ceased to be an is now Macaroon and light-headed and doublewide were just because wowinterface was overwhelmed!

So with all the addons installed and Macaroon being a comparable alternative to Trinity2.0 I was online. That took about an hour to get fully sorted and grid still works although the minimap and DW and Lightheaded addons just do not work but do not error.

I then loaded up Sven the Druid and got him sorted out in about 5-10 minutes and I was off dual-boxing again.

Don't Forget to Reallocate Your Talent Points.
After a while I realised that spending my re-imbursed talent points might be a good idea and the new trees look pretty cool, especially the hunter pet trees - looks like charge is available for all pets!! Seeing a Crocolisk flying across the screen to a mob is fun!

I had a good few hours levelling yesterday and got them up to level 46. Nice!!

My first plan when I get them to 59-60 is to grant some levels to my warrior.

Now when I do this I am going to get my warrior as close to dinging as possible so she gets a boost to 60 (from 49) and then only has to grind a little to hit 61.

Now I want to know what will happen here. Say she is at 19 bubbles into level 49 with say 81,000 XP and I grant her levels up to level 60. Will she be 81,000XP into level 60 or 19 bubbles into level 60?

My Highlights so far of Patch 3.0.2:

  • Hunter's Pet's talent trees and the fact the pets don't desert you
  • Clams stack in your bags - no more bags full of clams when grinding naga!
  • Mounts and Pets no longer taking space in your bags - more empty bag goodness.
  • You can mount up and ride around Booty Bay!!
  • Ships have NPCs and you can stay mounted onboard!
  • Smooth energy/rage/mana/hp regen - whose idea was ticking regen? Crap. Most useful on kitty form so far, but BBB form and rogues will be just as excited!
I really must go check out the Pally talents and get the addons and UI sorted for HolyWarrior, luckily I cannot raid Sunday so I have 4 days to sort that out, if I can drag myself away from Mark and Sven.

Raiding in 3.0.2
I though that just Sunwell, Black Temple and SSC bosses were being nerfed. But my guild 5-manned all the way up to Opera in KZ on Wednesday. Maybe it was just the re-aligned classes, but that still ain't bad!

Casters are complaining, especially shadow priests, that they have been nerfed through the floor. Hunter's on the other hand are pwning ass!!

Oh ... and I just spotted some training dummies in IF that you can interact with, presumably allowing you to train up weapon skills while AFK!! That's better than a trip to Blasted lands and whacking down the servants!! Which incidentally you can't do anymore anyway.

Oh ... and I love the new logon screen :)

Oh ... and will Blizz please fucking kill all the level 70s farming low level herbs. How many people are complaining about clearing mobs around their level to get at some herbs and a level 70 comes flying in on their epic mount and snatches them. Tossers!

Have fun everybody!

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