Monday, 16 February 2009

Heigan Dance...

Forgot to mention in last night's post, the one thing I was particularly worried about was the Heigan dance, I've never been that good at moving out of the fire etc, a few Stella's slow your reaction time considerably.

So we're moving through Naxx and get to the next boss and I spot it's Heigan. Uh-Oh!!

/raid [me] Err, guys, I know there is some sort of dance we have to do here, but WTF is it?
/raid [RL] Phase 1 stand right on top of the boss, not behind him, literally right on top of him. Phase 2 we have shammie totems on the floor, follow everyone between the totems. Repeat.
/raid [me] OK, sounds easy.

Phase 1. OK
Phase 2. Slightly too slow. Dead.
Ressed into a DPS phase. OK.
Survived running phase.
Right on top of Heigan in DPS phase and still died :(

Wasn't sooooo bad :P

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