Sunday, 15 February 2009

First Naxx-25

Well Nearly. I was logging on every hour today trying to get the Perma-Peddle achievement on HolyWarrior and get the last goddam candy on EvilBastard to get the "Love Fool" achievement and it was coming up to raid time. When the raid was created I was not level 80 so it did not appear on my calendar so I /w the raid leader and asked if he was likely to need a noobadin; he said probably, ask my class leader.

So I did and I got a raid invite as Ret!! I haven't really upgraded my Ret gear since TBC even though I have been levelling as Ret. I hit 80 in Grizzly Hills just starting the Dark Iron Dwarves quests so the upgrades were not coming yet!!

My Ret gear, was the worst of my 3 specs in TBC, mostly Kara purples and a few T6 level items I managed to pick up for minimum DKP bids. I'd upgraded the trinkets to level 75 greens and I had a green Chest piece and some blue boots from a Nexus quest, I think :S

So, into Naxx-25 with 20 people!! We're doing the under-21 achievement.

We blasted through 2 whole wings. We did the spiders, but may have had 21 in the raid during one boss, and then the plague wing? I don't know but it had Noth the Plaguebringer in it; so assume that's what it was. And we finished up with Patchwerk.

Gear wise I picked up an epic Ret chest piece to replace my green WotLK one and maybe a couple of Holy epics and some mail healer boots. All for minimum bid because I have no DKP and I'm not a raider at the moment. I would have got another couple of pieces but we had a guildie alt who beat me on a couple of rolls.

Bit peeved at that cos surely it would be better for the guild gearing up someone who will be a main raider again, rather than an alt, but I can't really expect loads of free epics when it's taken me 3 months to get to level 80!!

After the raid EvilBastard had one last attempt to get a candy bag and he did; on the 8th candy out of it he got the achievment. HW did not get his perma-peddle :(

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