Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Elder HolyWarrior (and EB)


Guild was despondant about helping anyone tonight (read: hardly anyone on and those that were were in an instance) so I did what I did for UP and Drak: I went to the instance and asked people who were already inside if they could invite me when they had finished.

As a back up I got EvilBastard to spam /general

EB got a whisper from someone who had completed the heroic 6 hours previously and HW got a hit from a very nice paladin on the first /w (I always whisper pallies first cos we is nice innit!!)

So HW is waiting for the group to finish and they wipe on Eck (The reason this has to be done in heroic mode - the elder is after the heroic only boss); so EB goes in with the person with the old raid ID (and gets saved - arggg) and finds the respawn are just a little too hard for an undergeared (undergeared if he was still 70!!!) warlock and a DK.

So EB is now saved to an old heroic ID and is unable to clear trash and HW's new friend downs Eck and invites him in. HolyWarrior follows his new friend straight to the boss (via the 'other' entrance to Guldrak) and gets his Elder title!!!

Eventually I manage to persuade a guild ret pally into coming along and help EB get the respawn killed. He wants to DPS and I want him to off-heal. He DPS's. We wipe. He decides he might heal the DK, we manage to single pull all but the 2 trolls at the bottom of the entrance drop (EB keeps one feared). We get to the elder and EvilBastard also has his Elder title - WOOT!!!

All done on both characters without having to worry about Love is in the Air achievement overlap!!

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