Wednesday, 18 February 2009

First Naxx-25 Part II

I got into the second half of the Naxx 25 run last night. 22 of us though, so no more under-21 achievements.

We finished the "Construct" ?? Quarter and then did the Military quarter. As we headed into the military area I was dieing almost immediately on every pack pull - OUCH!! SO much so that my gear all went red!!

At this point I switched into all my healer gear and healed the rest of the instance.

I'm Positively Positive that I am in the right place
The encounter where you get positive and negative charges was clear in my mind, but the first attempt I died as soon as I got to the boss and on the second attempt I missed the jump onto the platform ... twice ... and by the time I got to the boss the fight was in full swing. I checked my polarity and headed to the correct group and the polarity switched, I head the correct way but died. I think it was down to the other group being too slow to move and I ran into them ... is that going to kill me? I don't know, but it did.

Anyway, some key dropped off of Saf and I won the roll, but was told I wasn't a raider so it would go to the next highest roll, I don't care; I only rolled for a laugh knowing it would be discounted, I don't even know what it was for, but I bet I'll be pissed when I find out!!

We had a vote on whether to finish or go after Kel. We went for Kel. Kel died, but not before I did. I think I watched more bosses die while in a pile on the floor than on my own two feet.

Stupid Boss Loot
So anyway, we cleared the place in 2 nights, with a maximum of 22 players at any one time, on my first visit. I got some ret gloves and a healer hat this time; unfortunately it was the same hat I got on Sunday night!!! W.T.F?? Boss loot tables borked? Different bosses can have the same loot, that confused me and disappointed me as well because I thought I got another upgrade. /sadpanda

Next? I have to finish my list of pre-Naxx25 upgrades and go get them so that I am officially a raider again. Apparently running Naxx25 in mostly T4/T5 ret gear or T5/T6 Holy gear is frowned on :P

Oh, and of course got my Heroic Naxx achievement!!

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