Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Legion Companion App

On the subject of being behind the curve, I've just discovered the Legion Companion app on my phone.

Thinking about it, I do vaguely remember hearing about it about 6 months ago on The Instance but then proceeded to totally forget about it.

This is going to make my levelling so much quicker, because when I get home I spend most of the early evening grabbing a few minutes here and there to get the garrison (sic) quests kicked off on all my characters, leaving next to no time for actual levelling/order resource gathering and end game world questing.

Now I can go on the app when I get into work and kick some garrison (sic) quests off. Then at lunchtime, check up on them and start others if applicable and again just before I go home. (In reality at any hour during the day, just don't tell the boss!!!)

Also, it looks like (I'll confirm when I get home) you don't need your character to be in your order hall to actually do the quests, which means I can leave them in their quest areas allowing them an even quicker kick start.

Update: Confirmed (although it is rumoured that the character has at some point had to have visited the order hall mission board) characters logged out in the field can access the missions on the app. Same as auction house posting in the mobile armoury thingy.

I'm also hoping that I can be logged into one character on my PC and whilst they are flying between quest areas that I can log into another character on the app and deal with their garrison quests. Fingers crossed!

Update 2: You can't be logged onto the game and access characters on the same account through the Companion app.

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