Friday, 21 April 2017

How to Get Your Champions Past level 850

Well, there I was sitting on loads of Heavy Armor Set, Fortified Armor Set and Indestructible Armor sets as patch 7.2 hit expecting the 850 cap to be removed allowing your champions to be raised higher or for the number of champions you can have active to be increased so I'd need them to raise the new champions to 850.

It turned out that the cap remained on the armor sets so I stopped doing missions to get more. Then last night I got my new Legion Champion, Delas Moonfang (or something like that) and he started off at 850, so it was pointless even keeping the armor sets ... great.

And now I am getting new champion quests with an ilevel requirement of 900 - WTF??

I am still collecting armor sets on PedigreeChum though as he hasn't got all his champions yet and I was looking at the companion app today to check his champion's levels and there were more than just the uncommon, rare and epic sets. There were two sets of each!!!

It turns out there are Bulky, Spiked and Invincible armor sets now! I even had an inkling that there were different sets a few days ago as the names didn't ring true when Pedigree looted them, but I didn't check at the time - I wish I had!

These new armor sets don't have an upper limit, so I wonder if they can take your champions ever higher?

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