Monday, 6 March 2017

Where is Jarod Shadowsong for The Warden's Signet?

After spending ages looking for Jarod in and around Bradensbrook to hand in The Warden's Signet, because the Blizzard quest hand in ? says he is there, I resorted to looking him up on WowHead.

The first comment on Wowhead said: He is now in Heroe's Rest - cords 38.91 51.00 in Val'shara

Crucially, this comment explained a lot (it looks like Blizz have failed with proper QA again): If you've completed That's Val'sharah Folks! or atleast the Bradensbrook/Black Rook Hold portion, and then pickup The Warden's Signet, he won't be in the village anymore.
He can be found at Heroes' Rest, in the Ravencrest Mausoleum, or across the path from the Black Rook Hold summoning stone.

The best directions were definitely: I was so confused on where to find him. From Bradensbrook if you are facing the mayor head to the left down the path where the sheep are on the right, head down the path till you get to Marl's Stead turn right go across the brook and up the hill to Heros Rest. Stay to the left a graveyard will be on the left. Head across the courtyard go to the stairs on the left and he is there. No need to run through Black Rook Hold like I did. Hope this is helpful.

But the best bit is: The completion of this quest is hilarious if you do it after finishing the BRH portion as Jarod exclaims "She must be at Black Rook Hold!" and Maiev is standing right next to him.

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