Monday, 27 March 2017

Burnsprocket is Third Max Level

Woah, I'm really mixing things up this expansion.

Usually I enjoy the levelling experience with my main, Marcus Maximi and complete all the quests before really looking at other characters.

Marcus, was the only character I managed to get to level cap in Vanilla, which isn't surprising as it took so long to level back then. Arguably, this gave the original game longevity. The end game may as well have been an entirely different game!

For many it took a fair proportion of Vanilla's 2 years to reach level cap; it took me nearly 5 months. Alts were mostly unheard of and were used either as bankers or a way to hide from the guild and just tinker. Reaching level cap on an alt was quite rare. My main alt Runesprocket the gnome warlock (or Marcusminimi back then) didn't hit level 60 to well into TBC!

Now, when Marcus is out of rested XP I'll usually switch over to Runesprocket on my son's account and keep him close behind and he generally hits level cap during the relevant expansion and the other alts may or may not keep up.

This held true for TBC and Wrath, especially during Wrath as this was the time when I levelled MM and Rune up together whilst multi boxing, with Rune hitting cap a day behind MM.

Come Cataclysm though, MM hit cap in March and the Shaman, Altruista was next to cap in December, just ahead of Rune who didn't hit cap until January.

And then with MOP things got changed up again, with me not paying too much attention to the expansion and actually letting my subscription lapse for extended periods for the first time. MM was the only character to hit level cap within the expansion and was the first time that my son managed to get his character to cap during the expansion.

It was 2 months into WoD before Rune hit MoP's level cap and he was closely followed by all my other characters except Porkpie the warrior.

During WoD I regained my mojo and for the first time managed to get all my characters to level cap. Marcus managed to hit cap in less than 50 days, a record, and was followed by Rune 4 months later. 3 months after that my priest, DocMarcus, beat the neglected Shaman to cap by a month!

My son then got his warrior to level cap, 6 months later, the following April and he was followed by Burnsprocket the mage 3 weeks later and the newly rolled and level boosted worgen rogue, Pedigreechum, 6 days after.

The Death Knight also made his level cap debut with 2 months to go before the expac only leaving the Hunter to languish, unloved at level 90 and the warrior still down at 75!

Now I've slowed down a little, all the lvl 100 alts are gaining some levels through order hall missions, but only really get out into the world to grab some more order hall resources.

It took 99 days for MM to hit cap and 2 months later the rogue hit cap followed today by the mage, Burnsprocket.

Poor old Runesprocket is still sat at 103, with the other characters on my son's account which has spent more of the current expansion un-subscribed than subscribed!!!

So, currently this expac we're looking at Paladin, Rogue, Mage.

Which (I'm going to really annoy warlocks out there) is very close to how this blog started out.

Heal Stab Dot was the URL I chose for the blog, based on the fact I was playing Paladin as a healer at end game and enjoying warlock dots and rogue stabbings as my hide from the guild alts!!!

Now the lock has been replaced by a mage and the original Night Elf rogue is sat at level 46 on my 3rd account (which hasn't been active since the start of Wrath) and has been replaced with the new Rogue.

I would imagine that all my characters, including the Hunter and Warrior, and maybe even the Monks that my son and I occasionally play with together, will make level cap this expansion as it becomes easier and easier to level, but I wonder who will be next and who will be the 2nd to cap in the next expansion.

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