Thursday, 1 May 2014

WoW - 3 Raids in 1 Night

Tonight I went in to do some more Looking for Retards ... and I found some.

It all started well; dropping into Vale of Eternal Sorrows after Immersius for some quick 1 shots of all the remaining bosses. Then the queue popped as we were grabbing loot for Downfall and I popped straight into Garrosh!!

He did take a few tries and desecrates were droping all over the place and sometimes being left, but we got there and then the queue popped for the Underhold.

I joined group but could not zone in because they had already started Spoils. Then when I got in and started running they started the encounter or something and I died miles from the actual fight.

They must have reset it then but no-one would pop back to res me, so after a little bit of cursing and questioning peoples parentage I started running. Then, just as I reached the door they started the encounter and I was locked out.

They wiped and I eventually got in. We had a go and had a wipe. I'd had enough at this point. They were still arguing about wether I should have run so I pulled the boss and a split second later I got booted from the group.

Karma, oh beautiful Karma!

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