Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hearthstone - Never Concede - Ever!

The guys over at The Angry Chicken podcast always say never to concede a match as you never know what will happen, this is why ...

I was playing palladin in the arena and I had a Ravenholdt Assassin all lined up to be followed with the usual blessings etc to make him a 38 damage finisher a turn later.

Then I got into a bit of bother and had to bring him out of stealth at 10 attack to get rid of something that would have killed me leaving me with him as a 10-1 with a couple of little helpers.

He had a Thrallmar windfury thingy on the board which he then buffed up to 10. I had 16 health, no taunt and had blessing of wisdom on his windfury minion.

He clearly had lethal on me and his first attack hit my face - OUCH!

As his attack was coming in it paused and I drew a card - clearly not going to be much use to me.

It must have put him off his stroke however, as his second attack came in, paused for me to draw another card, and then hit my 1 health Ravenholdt Assassin for 10 instead of my 6 health face - LOLOLOLOLOL!!

I now had 2 extra cards in my hand including a Reckless Rocketeer!!!

I then buffed him up with two Blessing of Mights and killed him :)

Unlucky Onisea of the EU !!!

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