Tuesday, 13 May 2014

WoW - A Good Week

I've had a pretty good week this week. After realising I already had the valor points I needed I now just need to kill lots of horde on the coast!!

I am still doing Looking For Retards and because I have gotten back into doing the farming and invasion dailies I was specced as retribution and queued as ret too.

I got into 3 LFRs over the weekednd as ret and lucked out on the bosses I dropped into.

On Vale I dropped into Norushen, so it was just him and Sha.

Then Gates dropped and it was on the trash leading up to the General and we one shot him.

Then I dropped into Thok for a one shot.

Now I am about to queue for Downfall, time to jinx it, and hope I drop straight into Garrosh.

No doubt I will get a fail group that takes 5 hours from the start!!

... OK I did get a fail group, but we were at Garry and we only wiped 3 or 4 times so the stacks were getting good by then. On the killing attempt it was almost perfect!

... Then when I got out I got a real friend whisper from the guild leader, a good friend from previous 2 guilds asking if I wanna come along to a flex. OK I say and pop in for a quick couple of one shots of Immersus and then the Sun, Rock & Scissors trio :P No loot though :(

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