Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WoW - Farming Change?

Some time ago I would find it very annoying that somehow I would miss tending to a crop and when I came back the next day it would be un-harvestable; so I would be a day behind on that reputation grind; unless I got lucky with a 'keen' growth.

Ever since then I have been very careful to check that every single crop has been tended properly.

Somehow yesterday I missed one. It was a wriggling blah blah when I logged in today.  Lo and Behold once I had dispatched the wriggling menace it was an un-harvestable 'growing' crop.

I decided to harvest all the other crops in both fields, which may have included a bloated/keen/whatever crop and somehow I had the quest complete.

Don't know how that happened. Is it a change?

Who knows. #luckybarstard

ps. promised guide coming soon(TM).

Edit: Except, no. No it didn't. The quest came up with a ? to say I had auto accepted it or something but I am still at the 7/8 harvested - DOH!

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