Monday, 28 April 2014

Hearthstone - Massive Damage

I was playing the Hunter again tonight.

I got Blessed Champion in my opening hand as well as an Abusive Sergeant and a blessing of Might but I couldn't keep a minion on the board long enough to use them.

Then I got to turn 9 and played Alexstrasza bringing him down 7 health to 15 and he then killed her off. Then I played a Guardian of Kings on 26 heath and Argent Protector'd him when my opponent had 2 minions on the board. That should have told him something.

By now I have 2 Blessings of Might and still have the ring left.

He doesn't even take the shield off and then I topdeck Blessing of Kings.

I play both BoMs and then BoK then my ring allowing me to use the Blessed Champion to double the attack up to 30!!!

Slight overkill!

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