Wednesday, 26 March 2014

WoW: Wednesday Night LFR

Woah! I've not had a lot of time recently what with courses to go on and work being mad in between so catching up on my blogging now.

I heard a funny segment on The Instance a few weeks ago that said Wednesday night was easy sauce in LFR and it gradually got worse until Tuesday  night when it was rage fest.

Tonight I went in and did some LFR.

1st one I got into The Vale - straight to the end boss and a one shot, nice easy VP - thanks!!

The 2nd was Downfall - joined after paragons (phew!!) and fought through the trash and nearly wiped on last pack before the door.

The 1st wipe was simply due to nubs.
2nd wipe going well then fell apart very quickly and ppl left
We soon got a full group but with only 1 tank; we tried again but wiped near end then almost everyone left! :(
We finally got him at 5 stacks and immediately got a raid invite to Underhold.

I zoned into Spoils and we did that 1st time then proceeded to Thok and dropped him first time too :)

All in all a good night :)

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