Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hearthstone: New Season Difficulties

Well, it's a new season in Hearthstone and the rankings are reset.

Not only is it a little annoying for the novice 'stoner™ (like me ) being reset back from rank 20 to 25 but for the first few days it will take you longer to get back to those heady heights of Rank 20!

Why? Because everyone has been reset back to Rank 25 and that means you may very well come up against some very good players over the next few days.

I have been playing a lot this weekend and now I am back to level 20 (where I'll probably stay) but I have had some massively humiliating defeats. More than this time last week.

On the upside I have also had some huge wins when I have been lucky enough to be able to put on a 20+ single attack, which hasn't been reciprocated to me!

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