Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hearthstone: Released?

I was on a course today - project management ??? So when I got home I was just in time to eat with the family, help (a little) wifey tidy up and get the rugrats to bed and then jumped on HS. I didn't see any news and didn't even notice the Beta had disappeared off the loading screen but apparently Hearthstone is now in release mode. I don't know how I missed it yesterday either :P

So, I was playing arena as Hunter vs Priest. I wasn't doing so well; he had a 6-6 Temple Enforcer and a 6-6 Savannah Highmane out and I had various minions plus a misdirection

He attacks with the TE and it takes out his Savannah Highmane - LOL!.

Then he plays Raggy and I have Alex in my hand but it's not the right time to play it.

Several turns later ... hes down to 4 and I'm on 8. I play Alex and he mind controls! Grrr !!


Next match we were well past turn 10 and again I had had Alex in my hand for ages and was above 15 health and he was below so no point in using her. He was down to 2, I pulled Faceless Manip and then just used hero ability to say goodnight!

I then got up to 3 wins - 2 losses and narrowly lost the last match.

But 3 wins is my best and actually got 3 prize packages...

25 gold
A pack of cards (obviously)
25 gold

So technically came out even :)

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