Thursday, 6 March 2014

WoW: Galakras Needs Shooting

Tonight I popped in to do some more LFR. I dropped into a Galakras raid which had already wiped at least once, I didn't think to check buffs!

OK, maybe it was a bad pull, lets give this a chance. That chance was painful and the wipe was long and drawn out. Then the tanks and healers left.

It was late on and there was no sign of any more tanks or healers so I was a naughty boy ... I started the encounter and then heartstoned!!

After that I rejoined the queue and was straight into The Underhold where we one shot Malkorok where I got double loot!!! I then die on trash when I got lost after a sneeky AFK and then we one shot Spoils before one shotting Thok - nice end to the evening :)

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