Saturday, 8 March 2014

Hearthstone: Legendary Numero Dos

Today I had enough gold for 3 arena.

First deck I got I went Paladin - I pulled 2 wins in a row then tanked badly :(

Second deck I got was a really crap mage deck. In the 2nd game I had 1 health and he had 12 and then I drew my first ever pyroblast! I thought for a second it wouldn't be enough then I realised I had minions on the board and there was no taunt out! Goodnight!

After these arenas when I didn't actually do very well I opened up my decks and I got my second ever Legendary - ALEX!!!

After the arenas I played some ranked with Alex in the deck but never got to pull her out [sad face].

Then I put her in my Pally deck and drew against a Priest who was all about card draw. They played 2 Northshire Clerics' (that give you a card when a minion is healed) and he soon had a full hand so was burning through his cards very quickly- lol! He went to fatigue - lol lol!

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