Sunday, 7 August 2011

What Does The 2nd Firelands Vendor Have?

Having opened up the second vendor* we can see that he has the following...

Meteorite Ring - Melee DD ring.
Fiery Treads - Resto/Ele Shaman Feet.
Widow's Clutches - Cloth DD/Healer gloves.
Belt of Living Obsidium - Holy Pally Waist- YAY!!
Ricket's Gun Show - Prot Pally Wrist.
Ricket's Magnetic Fireball - Agility Trinket. Rogues? Hunter Loot?
Gauntlets of Living Obsidium - Holy Pally Gloves.
Fireplume Girdle - Resto/Boomkin Druid belt.
Rickety Belt - Plate wearing DD belt.

So What am I going to buy? ...

Off to the reforge dude we go!

* Actually this vendor you can see his wares beforehand I think.

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