Wednesday, 3 August 2011

More Fireland Daily and Achievement Cheats

If your doing the Druids of the Talon quests then the first quest "Into the Fire" can jusy about be skipped. Wait until someone starts the event. Mount up. Run through fire to pyrelord boss.

I also found that when doing the Master of the Molten Flow achievement you don't actually have to be in a party to get the Sentinel carrying party member bit. I don't know how I did it, I just attacked a previously tagged Sentinel.

Which helped greatly in getting this on my 2nd ever day of Talon dailies without ever joining a group (see progress post).

Also I don't think you can do "Fire in the Skies" on the first day. The quest giver gave me the egg quest yesterday and the text of the quest seems to suggest a continuation of that quest. ie the egg has hatched.

Anyway, so if you fall off one of the rock stepping stones, don't worry ...

And finally I got Hatepsark done for Death From Above and Ancient Firelord for Ready For Raiding II :))

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