Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Firelands Finished ... Nearly and Odd Client Patch.

I shot past the 125 marks of the world tree yesterday and was able to open up the final vendor and finish the quest line.

I shan't bother with another picture of the tree as it hasn't changed. But once I'd finished the moonwell was full and Leyara was dead.

Check out the usual progress post for latest achievements (molten offensive and Leyara).

And Now For Something Completely Different
So now that I have finished that grind what next?

More Firelands Dailies until I get Flashfire and Singeslayer for the Death From Above achievement and Charscale, Behemoth and Harbinger for the Ready For Raiding II achievement. The amrks won't get wasted as I'll spend them on Gilneas Rep commendations.

Then I'll start on my Tol Barad dailies and hopefully finish off Pebbles soon.

Unbeatable Pterodactyl is 2 days away :)

Client Patch on non-patch Day?
Also last night at around 19:00 server time I got booted from WoW and when I got back on I had to download a patch. WTF is all that about?

Not in my memory has that ever happened. Patches have only ever occured after a maintenance, not the day before ... It must have been some serious exploit fix.

Two or more Death From Above Bosses
So after this wierd client patch download (which incidently happened just as my brpadband speed drops to 100K. Thanks Blizztards!) I went off to finish my dailies and whilst on Death From Above - or whatever the quest is for this achievement - Ragepyre and Hatespark are both up (apparently there were 3 bosses up) and also today there are 3 bosses up; unfortunately I didn't get that daily :(

I thought there was only one boss per day :S

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unikorna said...

I totally share your gaming obsession but with different games, Lineage and Aion. I played Wow a bit, I was a sorcerer(I made it level 45) but I like the other ones a bit more. I am 33 years old and I love evading in these fantasy worlds. Kisses.