Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Opening Up Firelands Vendors

So has the tree grown? It looks about the same to me!

Yesterday I got the first 125 marks required to open up a vendor.

Looks like I'd been missing out on a mark a day for the last 5 days by not unlocking Tholo's daily as soon as I was able to. Oops.

So anyway, I followed the advice on Icy Veins to open up the ancients first. Even though I want the plate vendor.

Opening up the ancients first though enables even more marks / day. Or is that just a larger time sink/day? :P

Hardly matters really, I missed the price gouging by being too slow anyway!

So I unlocked the Ancients and did the Strike at the Heart daily getting the 'Cinderweb Queen' part of the Ready for Raiding II achievment along the way as well as finally finishing the Fireside Chat achievement (see progress post).

So what is unlocked by this vendor? No recipes. But some rather nice armour pieces, a pet and a money sink...

Spirit Fragment Band - Intelect ring.
Lylagar Horn Ring - Tanking ring.
Relic of Tortolla - Tanking relic.
Aviana's Grips - Leather agility gloves.
Hyjal Bear Cub - Pet
Nemesis Shell Band - Tanking ring.
Relic of Lo'Gosh - Melee DPS relic?
Lancer's Greaves - Hunter Loot :P
Dwyer's Caber - Melee Trinket (apparently)
Mylune's Call - Pointless money sink.

So what am I going to buy? Just about everything ...

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