Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WoW - Farming Change?

Some time ago I would find it very annoying that somehow I would miss tending to a crop and when I came back the next day it would be un-harvestable; so I would be a day behind on that reputation grind; unless I got lucky with a 'keen' growth.

Ever since then I have been very careful to check that every single crop has been tended properly.

Somehow yesterday I missed one. It was a wriggling blah blah when I logged in today.  Lo and Behold once I had dispatched the wriggling menace it was an un-harvestable 'growing' crop.

I decided to harvest all the other crops in both fields, which may have included a bloated/keen/whatever crop and somehow I had the quest complete.

Don't know how that happened. Is it a change?

Who knows. #luckybarstard

ps. promised guide coming soon(TM).

Edit: Except, no. No it didn't. The quest came up with a ? to say I had auto accepted it or something but I am still at the 7/8 harvested - DOH!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

WoW - Farming Cheat

Whilst dong my tiller growing dailies the other day I realised I had started using the Master plow on a line of soil that had an occupied soil in it.

Well, the master plow plowed up an almost dead critter which was soon despatched and allowed me to then manually till the previously occupied soil. Saved me a few seconds.

You're welcome :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

WoW - Next stage of the Legendary Quest

Tonight, after I finished my farming, I dropped down to Krasarang to kill a few more horde for the Black Prince reputation grind.

After I finished all the Shieldwall dailies I checked my reputation and I was 6 into revered!! It seems that the last daily quest mob had tipped me over the threshold - YAY!

Now I have to do some PvP and get a group together for someone.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

WoW - Null Pointer Exception

LOL - Whilst out doing Sheildwall dailies I spotted this. That may be a lot of coders response to a null pointer exception!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hearthstone - Has the Murloc Deck Had It's Day

I got the warlock daily today so decided to take out my trusty murloc deck and grab a quick few victories.

Well, it didn't quite work out like that. I now have 2 victories after several hours.

I started the day at level 17 and now I'm back to 20 :( It seems that everyone and his dog have found a counter to the murloc deck.

A prime example of how the meta shifts. I guess it will still be good at level 20-25; we'll see in a few days.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

WoW - A Good Week

I've had a pretty good week this week. After realising I already had the valor points I needed I now just need to kill lots of horde on the coast!!

I am still doing Looking For Retards and because I have gotten back into doing the farming and invasion dailies I was specced as retribution and queued as ret too.

I got into 3 LFRs over the weekednd as ret and lucked out on the bosses I dropped into.

On Vale I dropped into Norushen, so it was just him and Sha.

Then Gates dropped and it was on the trash leading up to the General and we one shot him.

Then I dropped into Thok for a one shot.

Now I am about to queue for Downfall, time to jinx it, and hope I drop straight into Garrosh.

No doubt I will get a fail group that takes 5 hours from the start!!

... OK I did get a fail group, but we were at Garry and we only wiped 3 or 4 times so the stacks were getting good by then. On the killing attempt it was almost perfect!

... Then when I got out I got a real friend whisper from the guild leader, a good friend from previous 2 guilds asking if I wanna come along to a flex. OK I say and pop in for a quick couple of one shots of Immersus and then the Sun, Rock & Scissors trio :P No loot though :(

Thursday, 8 May 2014

WoW - Azeroth Choppers Episode 4

Out now at clicky

WoW - Stubborn Weed Bug? Changed?

I have not done the HAfhill market quests for a while so I went back last night to knock some more out.

I stated tilling and clearing the land and then got bugged trying to sort the stubborn weeds out. I am sure that to pull the weeds you used to have to jump. But I eventually realised there was a different bar with a pull button on it. Has it changed?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

WoW - Another Step Closer to the Legendary Cloak

I have started doing scenarios and heroics to help boost my VP for the Test of Valor achievement.

I checked tonight and I got it on Monday - DOH!!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hearthstone - Deathwing Cheat

Was playing an arena match today and Deathwing was played.

Only none of the other player's cards disappeared.

I figured out that he had played the Alarm-o-bot and it had swapped in his Deathwing.

This meant that Deathwing's battlecry didn't trigger and he had a 12-12 on the board.

Needless to say I lost!!!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hearthstone - Never Concede - Ever!

The guys over at The Angry Chicken podcast always say never to concede a match as you never know what will happen, this is why ...

I was playing palladin in the arena and I had a Ravenholdt Assassin all lined up to be followed with the usual blessings etc to make him a 38 damage finisher a turn later.

Then I got into a bit of bother and had to bring him out of stealth at 10 attack to get rid of something that would have killed me leaving me with him as a 10-1 with a couple of little helpers.

He had a Thrallmar windfury thingy on the board which he then buffed up to 10. I had 16 health, no taunt and had blessing of wisdom on his windfury minion.

He clearly had lethal on me and his first attack hit my face - OUCH!

As his attack was coming in it paused and I drew a card - clearly not going to be much use to me.

It must have put him off his stroke however, as his second attack came in, paused for me to draw another card, and then hit my 1 health Ravenholdt Assassin for 10 instead of my 6 health face - LOLOLOLOLOL!!

I now had 2 extra cards in my hand including a Reckless Rocketeer!!!

I then buffed him up with two Blessing of Mights and killed him :)

Unlucky Onisea of the EU !!!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

WoW - 3 Raids in 1 Night

Tonight I went in to do some more Looking for Retards ... and I found some.

It all started well; dropping into Vale of Eternal Sorrows after Immersius for some quick 1 shots of all the remaining bosses. Then the queue popped as we were grabbing loot for Downfall and I popped straight into Garrosh!!

He did take a few tries and desecrates were droping all over the place and sometimes being left, but we got there and then the queue popped for the Underhold.

I joined group but could not zone in because they had already started Spoils. Then when I got in and started running they started the encounter or something and I died miles from the actual fight.

They must have reset it then but no-one would pop back to res me, so after a little bit of cursing and questioning peoples parentage I started running. Then, just as I reached the door they started the encounter and I was locked out.

They wiped and I eventually got in. We had a go and had a wipe. I'd had enough at this point. They were still arguing about wether I should have run so I pulled the boss and a split second later I got booted from the group.

Karma, oh beautiful Karma!