Thursday, 3 April 2014

WoW: Gates of Retribution ... It All Started so Well

I signed up for all 4 SoO wings on LFR tonight and which one should pop first? Bleeding GoR!!!

Oh well, if it turns out crap I'll just leave and play Hearthstone for a bit .

We actually manage 1st 3 bosses easily; one shotting each of them with one tank plus a DK off spec tank who was queued as dps.

I get a piece of loot w/o bonus roll from each ...

Windfire Legplates - Have tier pants.
Laser Slice Signet - Already got.
Kardris' Scepter - Already got.

Never mind.

Then we got to Nazgrim and the wipes started

1st attempt he was down to 53m
Then second go he was down to 25m

Then ppl started leaving quicker than replacements were joining. It was close to mignight too, so when we dipped under 10 people and we'd been re-queued for 30 minutes it was time for me to go too :(

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