Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Heartstone: New Season Today!

I logged on to Hearthstone tonight and was greeted with a message that I had attained rank 18 in test season 4. Really? I reached rank 16 on Sunday!!

You're kidding right, it takes the end of season rank rather than the best of season? GRRR!!!

So, it's the first real season, April 2014 is it's name apparently. That's a bit odd. I wonder what that means? :P

So, I finished up at level/rank 18 so I got a 7 stars headstart on season 'April 2014' allowing me start at 22.

Today's daily was 2 wins with Mage or Shaman. I should have dumped it as it took all evening on or off to get those wins (although I was also catching up with about 10 blog posts!). I got there in the end though. Still haven't resubbed to WoW so nothing better to do!!! Unless I were to log in to Rift ... now there's an idea ... I could even install the expansion that I bought at Christmas :P

So, anyway. I think Blizz have changed the match up criteria. I have only ever been matched up in Ranked play with my level, and I think very occasionally with those 1 above or below.

Tonight, as Rank 22, I faced a 24 and a 20 so I think they have expanded the match up range to speed up queue times. Dunno why. 20 seconds seems like a reasonable queue time for me.

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