Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Clitachasm End of Week 4

Oops, missed the update at the end of week 3, so I thought I'd just burn on through to week 4.

Melee DPS glyphs - 62718g
Hybrid glyphs - 75646g
Caster glyphs - 75118g

So in the first 4 weeks of Cata I have almost made the old gold cap purely from glyph sales: 213,482g

And that is with a dearth of Ethereal Inks or their reagents. I have huge holes in my glyph inventory because of the lack of outland herbs on the market.

Scribe himself is at 201K gold and has spent quite a bit on herbs, but has also made quite a bit selling Adventurers Journals, Mysterious Fortune Cards and all kinds of Darkmoon Cards and Decks. Nobles Deck only goes for 1200g now :P

So the scribe is about even and his guild bank also has 100K gold in it.

So Inscription related gold = 514K gold. I am over half way to the new gold cap which I thought I had no chance of getting to.

I will be a WoW Millionaire by Easter!!

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