Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hearthstone - Never Concede

Never, EVER concede a game in Hearthstone.

I was playing with the pally against a druid (my nemesis).

At the end of his turn he already easily had lethal on the board and I had two pretty poor cards.

I played Onyxia and ended turn. All he had to do was hit me in the face.

He proceeded to take out my other cards leaving me with the Dragon Queen and two 1/1s. I could not believe it!

It was now my turn. He had 19 health. I was in single figures.

I popped the Shattered Sun Cleric on Ony and then popped the Blessed Champion on her too. Making her up to 18 attack. So I smacked him in the face and then killed him with a 1/1 whelp!

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