Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hearthstone - Hunter Class Challenge - Loatheb

Now that the second batch of class challenges are opened I had a go at them. The Mage one was easy but the Hunter one was a little out there.

You just get loads of spiders with a death rattle of putting a beast card into your deck. I thought he was bugged at first as he had a health of 75!!! I was wiped off the board pretty quick

The second go I got a few beast up and he put some spores up which I ignored, then I did something and suddenly my remainder 2 beasts had attacks in the 30s!!

It turns out that if you kill the spores then all your minions get +8 attack.

Well that's going to make short work of that 75 health!!

Third time lucky, he hit the floor in double quick time!

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