Wednesday, 12 June 2013

State of Play

I thought I'd count up how much gold I have. I have made no money in MoP, this was the state of play towards the end of Cata on the 2 accounts that I have currently got subscribed.

Dm card seller (541,171g)
Banker (53,269g)
Pet Seller (25,357g)
Food Bank(15g)
Worgen (279g)
Mage (1,261g)
Hunter/MFC seller (71,025g)
Warrior (627g)
Shaman/JC (512,026g)
Main (Paladin) (19,684g)

Glyph Guild Bank (999,999g)

Main (Warlock) (20,771g)
DK Glyphs (914,249g)
Priest (848g)
Glyph Seller 1 (2,788g)
Glyph Seller 2 (211,360g)
Glyph Seller 3 (2,094g)
Total (3,376,823g)

Well, it would be a little more but I noticed when I was cycling through the toons that Glyph Seller 2 - which was my son's mage before I commandeered her for glyph selling - appears to have 8-10 epic bags - Royal Satchels.

What are these? I checked them out on wowhead and the are high end MoP bags that are currently selling for about 5K - Cheeky little ***** - That's 50K worth of bags!!! Even more if they were selling for more when he bought them!

What's even more annoying is that they are on a level 10 mage and not my level 85 Paladin!!!

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