Thursday, 13 June 2013

Jade Forest AFK Quest

Well, it wasn't quite AFK.

The Sully, Rell and blah blah quest started and it looked for all the world like a sit back and watch what happens quest.

So I sat back and watched ... nothing ... turned out you had to take control of the characters to tell their story.

Well that was confusing.

In other news my Phillips surround sound 5.1 system (which to be honest has always been a load of bollocks) has been making a lot of low frequency noise recently.

I have taken to kicking the living shit out of it until it goes quiet again. Admitedly this will eventually result in me having no sound system for my PC (until I transfer over the identical unit from PC #2 - which is also a piece of shite!!!)

However, it does mean that I'll then be forced to replace it with a new sound system, preferably something that isn't crap!! ... but ... that costs money ... great [sad face]

I have also caught up with The Mana Cooler so have now moved onto the instance, that may take a little longer to catch up with!!!

I got a little worried as it sounded like George WoW was on the cusp of giving up Wow after a little hiatus, but he is back, hopefully for some time to come.

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