Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I'm Back! Again!

OK, so it looks like I may be back for a while. I may not be and I may be gone again in a few days.

I have been catching up on my podcasts. I'm working my way through all the Mana Coolers I have missed and then The Instance will get a look in and finally it'll be the turn of Twisted Nether Blogcast.

Well, listening to George Wow has gotten my interest piqued again and the last few nights I've been logging on a bit, updating addons, rebinding keys, sorting out the N52 and even doing a few quests.

Tonight I got a few (low single numbers) more quests in Green Jade Garden Wood, or whatever it's called, done and ended up escorting some fire dude to the middle of the island. When I handed that quest in I realised I was almost level 86!! WTF?? I seem to recall just after MoP hit that I did a whole load of holiday quests; but hello? Almost a whole level?

Anyway, so tomorrow night my main should be level 86 - lol 9 months after the expansion hit!!

My aim now is to get at least my main to level 90 before the fire festival starts.

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